Elite HRV: Portable Heart Rate Monitor with Personal Pro App for $139

Elite HRV: Portable Heart Rate Monitor with Personal Pro App for $139
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Your nervous system responds to stress from all sources: physical, mental, and beyond. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) quantifies your total stress load and ability to tolerate more stress from all sources. Unlike Heart Rate (HR), HRV looks much closer at the small fluctuations of the heart that occur in response to internal and external events. EliteHRV, with its CorSense sensor device, captures HRV directly and analyzes important contextual data such as sleep, exercise, mood, and lifestyle. With the free app, you'll be able to view trends and track your body's progress. Knowing exactly how your body responds to different stresses gives you a huge advantage when tackling specific health or performance goals, identifying obstacles, and measuring progress.

  • Accurate, non-invasive way of monitoring Heart Rate Variability
  • Real-time sync automatically detects personal patterns of stress & recovery
  • Analyzes important contextual data such as sleep, exercise, mood & lifestyle
  • Know your daily morning readiness score
  • Trend progress with custom charting & smart filters
  • Read trend, analytics & deeper metrics like RMSSD, SDNN, LF/HF ratio
  • Signal quality gauge alerts you of measurement artifacts & rates your measurement quality to ensure you are analyzing valid data.
  • Secure SSL encryption, automatic cloud backups & unlimited data storage
  • Easily export your raw RR data, calculated HRV values & metadata
When asked "What's the best device for heart rate variability training?" American Entrepreneur, Author, Investor, and Podcaster Tim Ferris answered "I don't have it here but I'm using the Elite HRV app. CorSense is the device."

4.6/5 stars, App Store: ★ ★ ★ ★
3.9/5 stars, Google Play Store: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★



  • CorSense HRV Sensor
    • Materials: durable, flexible exterior plastic; soft silicone rubber interior
    • Dimensions: 1.5"H x 1.7"W x 2.6"D
    • Weight: 1.3oz
    • Sensor arrays: 3 multi-wavelength LED emitters, 5 large visible spectrum photodetectors, 1 infrared detector
    • Battery: rechargeable Li-ion 150mAh
    • Operating time: 4+ hours
    • Standby time: 6+ months
    • Charging time: 1-2 hours
    • Operating temperature: -4ºF to 113ºF
    • Storage: 22ºF to 140ºF
    • NOT water resistant
  • App: EliteHRV (iOS or Android)
  • Manufacturer's 90-day warranty


  • CorSense or PolarH10
  • iOS 10.0 or later
  • Android 5.0 or later


  • CorSense HRV Sensor
  • Universal USB Charging Cable (USB-A to USB Micro-USB)
  • Quick Start Guide

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