Criminology 3-Course Bundle for $19

Criminology 3-Course Bundle for $19
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Improve your critical thinking skills and get a better understanding of criminology at its very foundations with this 3-course bundle. Criminal Psychology teaches you the science and psychology that supports criminology, Criminology & Profiling gives you an understanding of crime and the theories behind the investigation, and Forensic Science introduces you to the fundamental part of criminal investigations. If you are interested in criminology, forensic psychology, science, criminal law, or crime writing, these courses are for you.

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Criminal Psychology
  • Understand the science & psychology that supports criminology.
  • Learn about criminal theory & the justice system
  • Gain knowledge on Impartiality, professionalism, & conduct
  • Explore bias, how to avoid it, &be culturally competent
  • Know the tools & abilities to carefully consider theories
Criminology & Profiling
  • Get an overview of various approaches & processes involved in generating a profile
  • Understand crime & theories behind investigations
  • Explore forensic science, criminology theories, types of crimes & punishment, and how to read a crime scene
  • Study famous case studies like Jack the Ripper & Charles Manson with a fresh perspective than you ever have before
Forensic Science
  • Explore the processing & reconstructing of a crime scene, fingerprinting, DNA, and blood splatter analysis
  • Discover the basic principles & techniques that are applied in criminal investigations
  • Know some court cases & understand how forensic science was used in these cases


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