Odyssey ODY120 Trailblazer Fog Car for $44

Odyssey ODY120 Trailblazer Fog Car for $44
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  • Main attraction the smoke
  • Recommended Age: 8+
  • Batteries: Car requires rechargeable LiPo battery included. Remote requires 2x AA not included.
  • Bright LED light
  • Move side to side at breakneck speeds

    The first thing that will catch your eye about the Trailblazer Fog Car is the fact that it can move side to side at breakneck speeds. This multidirectional element adds to its uniqueness factor causing it to stand out in a crowd. Next up you will be wowed by its bright LED lights. When the car is engaged and in go-mode the wheels will light up and make a grand entrance to let everyone know it has arrived.

    Then youve got the main attraction the smoke. When you pour water into the Trailblazing Fog Car the internal system converts it into steam that shoots out of its rear exhaust while you drive. So while youre racing another car feel free to let them taste the smoke as you pull away!

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